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Coaching and Consulting

While financial planning is a valuable tool, we understand that many of your financial needs may not fit neatly within a traditional plan. At Pride Financial Partners, we offer Coaching and Consulting services to address these specific needs and provide tailored solutions.

Our Services:

We offer comprehensive hourly or flat fee-based coaching and consulting services, encompassing a wide range of areas:

  • Business and Non-Profit Optimization: Analyze and improve the organization and effectiveness of your business or non-profit.
  • Goal Setting and Planning: Establish clear goals and create actionable plans for individuals, businesses, and entities.
  • Financial Behavior Coaching: Develop strategies to improve your spending habits and achieve financial well-being.
  • Asset Merging Support: Guide couples and entities through the process of efficiently merging their assets.
  • Business Development: Assist with business plan development, goal monitoring, and ongoing support.
  • Operational Efficiency Enhancement: Evaluate staffing and implement strategies to streamline your business or entity's operations.
  • Family Giving and Philanthropy: Create and implement plans for family giving and charitable wealth distribution.
  • Goal Accountability: Provide ongoing support and hold you accountable for achieving your defined goals with targeted completion dates.

Tailored Approach:

Our consulting process emphasizes present-day needs and challenges, while coaching focuses on future aspirations and long-term goals. During your initial session, we will work together to identify your specific needs and create a personalized roadmap to address them.

Schedule a Free Consultation:

Our initial 30-minute consultation is complimentary. This session allows us to understand your unique situation and determine if coaching or consulting services are right for you. Following the consultation, you will receive an offer letter outlining the scope of work and associated fees.

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