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Coaching and Consulting

Not everything fits into a Comprehensive Written Financial Plan.  In fact, many of the questions most client have, do not fit into a financial plan.  Pride Financial Partners recognizes this and has developed a Coaching and Consulting service as an hourly (or agreed upon flat fee) service that may fall outside the traditional advisory role.  

These include but are not limited to:

  • Organization and effectiveness analysis of a business or non-profit
  • Goal setting and action planning for businesses and entities
  • Coaching to improve spending habits
  • Helping couples and entities merging assets
  • Business plan development, goal monitoring and support
  • Evaluation of staff and building efficiencies for a businesses or entities 
  • Building family giving and charitable wealth distribution plans
  • Accountability on all these goals with target finish dates

Our consulting process focuses on the present day while coaching focuses on the future.  The initial session will help identify which of these aspects are important to you and provide a personalized road map for us to follow together.

The initial 20 min consultation is always complimentary and will be followed by an offer letter detailing the work to be done and anticipated cost.  Click the link below to schedule a call.

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