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Risk Management

Your insurance coverage should not look like a foreign language.  You deserve to fully understand how your family, your business and yourself are protected when life delivers the unexpected.

In order to pursue confidence in your financial plan, we must be confident no matter what our future holds.  Whether that be an accident, illness, injury, or worse; we have a strategy for your concerns.  We work together with our clients to build the proper coverage for your financial plan and your budget.

Pride Financial Partners is an independent insurance broker.  We have the experience and knowledge to choose the company and the policy that matches your specific situation.  This approach allows you to focus your energy on what you value most; your family, your business and your financial plan.

Our risk management products and services will help you pursue your financial goals at every stage of your life; whether it's for personal needs or for your business, we can help.

  • Quality, competitively priced life insurance products, including permanent, term, combination and variable policies.
  • Individual income disability products to protect your paycheck in the instance that you are unable to work your primary profession.
  • Key Person Insurance, Funding a Buy-Sell Agreement, Overhead Expense
  • Comprehensive long-term care insurance reimburses some or all of the costs of care received in settings such as the home, the community, alternate living facilities or nursing facilities.
  • Property and casualty insurance for your home, automobile or business.

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