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Team Approach

"Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success"  - Henry Ford

At Pride Financial Partners we recognize that no one person has all the answers.  Our fundamental belief is that each person should focus "a foot wide and a mile deep".  Meaning, specializing in one specific field allows that person to become knowledgeable not only in that focused area, but also a valuable resource to tap into when a question or concern comes up.  This mentality allows our firm to more efficiently address your financial challenges.   

The financial planning process should involve several professionals.

Financial Planners focus on your overall financial life and often coordinate the activities of other professionals who have expertise in areas critical to your financial plan.  They work on a fiduciary capacity, so you can be confident the advice provided is in your best interest.

Insurance Professionals evaluate financial needs in the event life doesn't go as expected.  They review your insurance needs and recommend appropriate products and strategies. They are the lifeline for when things don’t go as planned.

Investment and Wealth Managers provide advice about investment options and asset allocation.  They help you build a customized strategy to manage your investment portfolio.  They collaborate with the financial planner and tax specialists to design distribution strategies, create emergency funds to prepare for unexpected scenarios.  They also keep a pulse on the market while helping the client with an appropriate risk tolerance as clients get closer to retirement or have a change in investment goals.

The most important member of the team, however, is YOU. Your needs and objectives drive the team, and once you've carefully considered any recommendations, all decisions lie in your hands.  Along with the financial planner, you can collectively make the appropriate updates and strategies that you feel best for you and your family.

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