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Why Pride?


Everyone knows there is a certain “nest egg” you should strive to build in order to achieve financial independence in “retirement”.  But what truly is the size of that “egg”?  And more importantly, how do you track that end goal while still pursuing your dreams along the way?  

At Pride Financial Partners we believe we can help you accomplish both.  We’ve re-imagined financial planning with the most important factor at the highest priority…YOU!

Your experience with Pride Financial Partners will be different.  We know this because every financial plan is custom tailored around the goals YOU want to aim towards, not a predetermined set of benchmarks and expectations that people are told they should strive for.  

What makes Pride Financial Partners different?

We work toward YOUR goals, not ours.  Want to take a couple years off and travel?  We can help map out a strategy to fit your life’s plan.  Want to start up a business and break the chains of corporate America?  We can help you not only build the plan and design your new path, but also provide coaching, support and accountability along the way. 

Our plans are designed with the following goals in mind:

  • to help you feel comfortable.  Because our focus is on your goals, you will be doing more of the talking.  We design the financial plan in a way that is easy to understand and follow.  
  • to help you feel accepted.  We are an all-inclusive firm and welcome anyone who want assistance on life’s journey.  We emphasize our advice and guidance with your core beliefs in mind while supporting all aspects of our diversified world.
  • to instill confidence in your financial future.  Our Financial Planning division is a Fee-Only practice.  We hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard. You can rest assured that the advice you receive from us is objective, transparent, and in YOUR best interest.

Many planners can build a path to follow.  What we have found is that most people also need someone to guide them along the way.  Someone to help them make critical decisions along life’s journey.  At Pride Financial Partners, we are dedicated to this process and make sure our clients feel comfortable and confident not just at the end of the journey, but every step along the way.

We offer a complimentary 20-min phone consultation for you to get to know more about our personalized process and for us to get to know how we can appropriately help you.  We understand that we are not a fit for every person and not every person is a fit for our process.

Why not take a few minutes to see if we connect?  Call us at (503) 828-9447 or click the link below to schedule your introductory interview today!