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Isaac Samsa, WMS

Isaac Samsa, WMS

Managing Partner / Wealth Advisor

Isaac: Building Your Financial Pride with Experience and Empathy

Isaac brings over 20 years of financial expertise to help you build a secure and fulfilling future. With 12+ years as a Portland-based financial planner, he combines his dual degrees in Financial Services and Accounting to create holistic wealth plans built on your unique goals.

Driven by a personal mission to empower others after witnessing the consequences of insufficient planning, Isaac prioritizes comprehensive strategies and transparency. He offers both fee-based financial plans and individual product solutions, ensuring flexibility.

Expect personalized attention:

  • In-depth goal-planning sessions to understand your aspirations.
  • Collaborative implementation to turn your plan into reality.
  • Open communication throughout your financial journey.

Beyond his professional roles, Isaac actively serves the community through organizations like Rotary International and NAIFA. This dedication reflects his deep commitment to financial empowerment for all.